The Sauna Book For The 21st Century reveals what modern science says about regular sauna bathing (sometimes called heat acclimation). In a simple and easily digestible way, it reveals the effects themselves and, most importantly, explains the root causes - why and how the sauna's heat so greatly benefits the human body. It is the missing link between doing and understanding. A myth-buster and a tool to understand better this ancient practice, sauna bathing, as a reliable path to improved health.

Answers the questions


and much, much more!


Imaginea pill that offered you:


deep relaxation and better sleep,


more efficient detoxification,


muscular gain & fat loss,


a reduction in arthritic and other chronic pain,


healthier skin and faster skin rejuvenation,


a strengthened immune system,


improved insulin sensitivity and reduce insulin resistance,


improved athletic endurance and quicker recovery,


better cardiovascular health,


better cognitive and brain health,


extending longevity and slower ageing,


and more.


You would probably call it a magic pill. Sceptics may call it to snake oil, yet a simple but powerful health-promoting activity may deliver all these benefits - Yes, you guessed it, regular sauna bathing can do that.


Years of research
Peer-reviewed articles
Years of dedicated work

... have resulted in an outstanding comprehensive presentation of sauna effects. They are summarised in the book that may change your life. Literally!


Page count 437

PART 1 - Important Facts & Phenomena

  • It Starts With Understanding
  • The Idea Isn't New
  • It Is Not a Sauna!
  • Heat is the tool
  • It isn't just heating!
  • Stress is good! Is it?
  • Sauna Utilises Biology

PART 2  - Inside the Sauna

  • Behavioural Thermoregulation
  • First minutes in Sauna – Bodily responses
    • Vasodilation
    • Sweating
    • Cellular response
    • Hormonal Response
    • How Much Temperature a Human Can Withstand
    • In Summary
  • Cooling phase
  • Resting phase
    • Why is rest important?
    • Why meditation while resting is the way to go?

Page count 437

PART 3Longterm Effects of Sauna


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~ Excerpts from the book ~



I was looking for a book that would explain a sauna's effects in a simple yet professional way. Since I couldn't find it, I wrote it myself.

It is 4.45 in the morning, a few days until Christmas of 2020–the pandemic year, which many would like to forget, but we'll remember it forever. The world around me is still in a deep sleep. I am sitting behind a big white empty computer screen, immersed in the final acts of a nearly five-year journey through the world of sauna and related science. I'm thinking about the preface to the book, which I probably should never have written. Who in their right mind would want to buy, let alone read, a 400-page thick book about sauna bathing? I thought that I felt the same until certain events ...


I wanted to avoid mentioning COVID-19 in connection to the sauna, but there were too many questions in this regard.

It is especially challenging to write about the sauna's health effects during the new millennium's first big pandemic, primarily because of how the sauna can impact our immune systems. Many would like to make the most of this horrible situation somehow. I wanted to avoid mentioning COVID-19 in connection to the sauna, but there were too many questions in this regard.

Before I even start to write about the impact of the sauna on our body and health, including the immune system, let me briefly explain ...


What's Inside & For Whom


Although the sauna is a fil rouge, the common theme of this book, its content is much broader. It will help you to get to know yourself better.

The Sauna Book For The 21st Century is primarily intended for everyone for whom a spa and sauna mean bread and butter. Whether you are an equipment manufacturer, service provider or in any other way professionally related to the sauna, the content of this book is an indispensable tool for you. You will be able to use the collected information and the acquired knowledge like the tailors uses scissors.

Of course, it is for others as well. If you are a regular user, reading this book will provide you with additional motivation to use the sauna more often and effectively. However, ...


"For a human subtropical low altitude air-breathing animal, most of the planet earth represents a hostile place." Mike Tipton

In our perception, we have this wonderful image of the blue planet we live on. However, we are constrained to only about fifteen per cent of it.

Everything else is either water or mountains, ice or desert. Because we settled in parts of the planet that are different from our tropical origin, we have to fight the environment and its peculiarities all the time. Therefore, as an animal of tropical origin, we are continually facing challenges, explains Mike Tipton, a professor at the University of Portsmouth, UK.

One such challenge – indeed, a key one for all living beings - is to ensure an adequate internal temperature. As a result, ...


3. Sauna and detoxification


Humans sweat for one reason only, to dump the heat load. Is detoxification a by-product of this function? Let's find out!

"Do you think they clean the walls in this sauna often enough?" one of the three friends who had just sat down in the sauna asked, somewhat anxiously. "I hope so; otherwise, there could be toxins all over the walls," replied one of the others.
And the conversation continued in the direction of detoxification and its importance. They explained that they don't clean the walls very often in some public saunas, so toxic substances are present.
I admit that I wanted to engage in a conversation at some point, but I took the opportunity to be quiet. That way, I could learn more about some so-called bro-science*, I thought.

10. Sauna effects on athletic endurance and recovery


Citius, Altius, Fortius

At the establishment of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1894, the founder and its second president, the French pedagogue and historian Charles Pierre de Frédy, Baron de Coubertin, proposed the Olympic motto hendiatris, "Citius, Altius, Fortius", Latin for "faster, higher, stronger". From then until today, the world has changed in many ways. The approach to sports has also changed. Science and new technologies have entered through the front door and became an indispensable part of the sport, but Baron de Coubertin's motto remains the same. It is a constant and important driver and motive and seems even more so in modern sports ...

11. Sauna effects on cardiovascular health


Does using a sauna show the Tomato Effect symptoms? How else can it be explained that people with cardiovascular problems are still advised against using the sauna?

Does choosing to use a sauna show symptoms of the Tomato Effect? No, this issue is not related to skin colour, which can turn red like a tomato in the sauna. Tomato Effect* is a term used in medicine to describe a phenomenon in which effective, scientifically-proven therapies are ignored or rejected because, in light of general beliefs or understanding, they make no sense, or people simply ignore available evidence. (1) One such example is the story of Aspirin. And the story of the sauna seems to be similar. How else can it be explained that people with cardiovascular problems are still advised against using the sauna?

13. Sauna Effects On Longevity And Ageing


If you could choose at this point, how long would you like to live? Would you prefer 85 years, maybe 120, 150 or even 1000 and more years?

If you could choose at this point, how long would you like to live? Would you prefer 85 years, maybe 120, 150 or even 1000 and more years? Be careful before answering this question. Don't make the same mistake as Eos, the goddess of dawn from Greek mythology, who asked the god Zeus to grant her lover Tithonus immortality while forgetting to ask for eternal youth as well. As a result, Tithonus grew old but did not die, causing his power to wither to such an extent that he could no longer move. All he could do was blabber on; in the end, it is supposed that he turned into ...

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